Has it ever occurred to you what it’s like to have a holiday in Italy? The warm culture, scenic ambiance and delicious food? Well, we do. Luckily, we can have that experience at Francesco’s Kitchen! (Modafinil)

With its relaxing vibe and friendly staff, you can definitely get the full Italian experience. Their array of food and wine has got you packed with a full stomach and a good time. According to Francesco Rizzo himself, each dish was made from scratch to let the people taste and feel what it’s like to eat in an Italian home. Most of the recipes were created by his family secrets and he wanted to share his home to us. If your tongue is craving for a tasty wine as a compliment to his tasty dishes, Francesco made sure to have different types of wine from around the world. Italy, Australia and a whole lot more! Che bello!

Francesco first visited the Philippines in 1998 and was awed by the hospitality of the Filipinos. He, along his friends and now partners, wanted to create an Italian restaurant in the Philippines and has opened their own last July, 2017. Through a lot of thought and process, here they are now, living their dream.

If I wanted to create a home, it’s this one.” Francesco stated.

From the small details to the traditional ingredient shelf, Francesco’s Kitchen created a small Italy inside a rustic home, indulging us with Italy’s finest ambiance. Magnifico!

Suggested by Francesco himself, if it’s your first time to dine in his restaurant, you should definitely try their spaghetti bolognese to taste the simple yet flavorful pasta dish. Also, The Scoop recommends trying the Espresso Martini. Get the alcohol and caffeine rush!

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