What will we be doing this next half of the year besides wearing our jackets and layers, snuggling up in bed and binge-watching movies? Okay, that’s too farfetched because while we may enjoy those over weekends, on the other hand, we are mostly stuck in traffic and find it too hectic outside during weekdays at alas it’s finally the monsoon aka rainy season!

It’s the official season for the coziest yet gloomy weather stuff. And just like how we change our wardrobe and playlists, we have absolutely been indulging in our go-to comfort food that makes you feel even cozier in bed.

We’ve rounded up some of the ultimate options out there for the best comfort food options in Metro Manila. Scroll on to check which the crowds are loving and time for you to perhaps try it too!

Boba Milk at Tiger Sugar

The Metro has dozens — if not hundreds — of milk tea parlors all over the city. And long lines over a boba isn’t news to us anymore! At least to Tiger Sugar…

that tiger sugar bubble tea is soooooooo good !

— d (@altsdee) June 29, 2019

boba ratings:

tealive : 10/10
chizu : 4/10
tiger sugar : 11/10!!
xi fu tang : 7/10
the alley : 5/10

suggest me what should i try ?

Btw excuse my tangan lawooooo ? pic.twitter.com/Mf88YVzBeS

Hakim (@ZulAbrarHakim) July 1, 2019

Ice Creams at Dairy Queen!

Leave it to the masters of flipping the best-frozen ice creams in town! DQ serves our favorite blizzard flavors and toppings so what are we gonna do about it?

Who Wants Cakes at Conti’s?

So IG-worthy you won’t want to eat it. But you will anyway, ’cause it’s so damn good! Pretty sure you’ve seen and craved Conti’s towering cakes, correct?

mango bravo cake from contis is so underrated ?✊

??? (@unestheticc) May 12, 2019

Soup Dumplings at Din Tai Fung!

Okay enough of sweets! Now, here, we’re talking! The world’s most famous xiao long bao is finally here and for the love of gods go try that sexy beast! Thank us later…

when you’re like, DTF, and he busts out the condoms but you just want xiao long bao from din tai fung like bruh

— eric (@asdfghjkeric) June 7, 2015

Breakfast Burritos at Army Navy

We say breakfast but really we’re eating this at lunch, dinner and midnight. The warm hugs of rice, eggs, hash browns, longganisa in a tortilla = Hangovers cured!

Chicken & Biscuits at Popeye’s

And they are back after years of waiting… America’s famous fried chicken and biscuit is now in Manila. People be flocking over the first branch for it. Have you?

Don’t feel guilty! It’s a perfect time to munch on your ultimate comfort food. What’s yours?