Calories don’t count around the holidays–a universal rule that everybody follows.

Here at Flavored, we take the food we consume for special occasions seriously, most especially this year as most holiday celebrations are sure to be held at home with close friends and family members. 

Excited for the pre-dinner snacking with your cousins? Or those late-night munchies that you and your family are bound to have after opening presents? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 perfect snacks to make the perfect holiday: 

1.NYFD Shoestring Bundle

NYFD Shoestring Bundle on Flavored

Photo grabbed from Flavored.PH’s Instagram account (@shop.flavored)

Pair your ready-to-cook fries with their famous frozen dips that come in two flavours, honey mustard and garlic parmesan, and you’ve got yourself the perfect snack to munch on while waiting for dinner to be prepared (again, calories don’t count during the holidays)! 

2. Persia Grill’s Falafel

Both nutritious and appetising, Persia Grill’s soft yet crispy falafels are perfect for our vegetarian friends and family members. PG’s famous ready-to-cook falafels are here to ensure nobody feels left out–because we all know Filipino households will always have pork on the table. 

Persia Grill Falafel on Flavored

Photo grabbed from Persia Grill’s Instagram account (@persiagrill)

3. Better Options Food’s Bottled Crispy Chicken Adobo Flakes

Better Options Adobo on Flavored

Photo Grabbed from Flavored PH’s Instagram Account (@shop.flavored)

The perfect combination for people (such as myself) who love crispy food with rice: just steam up some rice and grab a bottle of Better Options Food’s Crispy Chicken Adobo Flakes, and you’ve got yourself pre-game for this year’s Noche Buena–yes, we are aware we just suggested rice as a pre-game snack–no,  we are not judging you. 

4. Bottled Pickled Mango

Better Options Pickled Mango on Flavored

Photo Grabbed from Flavored PH’s Instagram Account (@shop.flavored)

Filipino households are filled–not only with meat, but with fruits–during the holidays! Gather with your cousins and favourite titas and titos and catch up on each other’s gossip, kwentos, and achievements while passing around a jar of pickled mangos that come in regular and spicy flavours: your pick! 

5. Persia Grill’s Chicken Barbecue 

Chicken barbecue is practically a staple in Filipino noche buenas. Save yourself the hassle of shopping for ingredients and try ordering one that’s ready for cooking. Served with some cold coleslaw, Persia Grill’s Ready-to-Cook Chicken Barbecue makes the perfect light, yet filling snack to serve your friends and family–add a bowl of hot rice, and it even doubles as a meal! 

Persia Grill BBQ Chicken on Flavored

Photo Grabbed from Persia Grill’s Instagram Account (@persiagrill)

Excited for the holidays? So are we! While you have your best friends coming over for some much needed quality time, make us your best friend in preparation for those bonding days with them. (Carisoprodol) Visit Flavored PH and shop now!