Local food always goes above and beyond what we expect of it. It’s an existing representation of where we come from and where we’ve been. Savour each local dish, snack or beverage and we bet you’d taste the feeling of home, hospitality and pride for as we all know Pinoys put their heart and soul into what they serve on the table. 

Looking for your next Quarantine Eats? We’ve got you covered as we list 10 of our favorite local home-made brands this 2021. PSA: We’ve tried all of these products, and we can attest to their seriously addicting taste! 

Clarie’s (@pagkainbyclarie)

What if we told you there’s an upgrade to our famous puto? Make this stormy day special with Clarie’s First and Original Salted Egg Cheesy Puto with Salted Egg Dip (P180) combined with your favourite coffee blend. Breakfast and merienda will never feel the same way again.  And have we mentioned that they’re seriously addicting? 

Here’s your chance to spice up your Filipino snacks, visit Clarie’s instagram page at @pagkainbyclarie

Miciano’s (@micianoshomemade)

Everyone just can’t get enough of the chicken wings craze, you just can’t ever go wrong with chicken wings for any time of the day. Miciano’s Homemade meals will have you drooling and craving for more with its savory and flavorful dishes. Have you seen how tasty their Butter Garlic Wings and Ginger Caramel Wings are? Definitely worth the try!

Check out more of their products on their instagram page at @micianoshomemade

Kinahon (@kinahonofficial)

We doubt you’ve ever seen “healthy” and “street food” in one sentence. Catch a taste of New York in the streets of Luzon with Kinahon’s 7-spiced entree in a box. For only P50, you get to customize your healthy baon meal with their wide variety of add ons for every box. 

Interested in these NYC boxed meals? Head over to their facebook page for more (facebook.com/KinahonOfficial/)

The Little Rustic Kitchen (@littlerustickitchen)

Nothing screams more Pinoy than hearty meals for the family. Get prepared for every family reunion and show off your Little Rustic Kitchen Ala Carte and Party Trays. Their Chicken Parmigiana (P300, 2-3 pax) and Signature Honey Garlic Shrimp (P600, ½ kilo) are sure to leave you and your relatives craving for more. 

Ready to enjoy these hearty meals? Check out their instagram account for more @littlerustickitchen

Tito Bit’s Food Products (@yumfoodtitobits)

The possibilities of gourmet jars are endless! Ever imagined homemade bagoong with crunchy pork bits? Indulge in out-of-the box gourmet jars with Tito Bit’s Original and Spicy bagoong, Ampalaya Ensalada, Spicy Tuyo Flakes and more! Pair these savory creations with your meals at any time of the day. 

Visit their instagram page to learn more at @yumfoodtitobits

Kape Imperial (@kape_imperial)

Calling all authentic local coffee enthusiasts! Sip in coffee from 100% single origin Philippine coffee with a balanced sweetness, acidity, and bitterness with Kape Imperial Coffee. Don’t blink, you might miss their mobile pop-up cafe on Saturdays and Sundays at Wilson Street, San Juan City. 

Go ahead and visit their instagram page at @kape_imperial

JAM Foods & Co (@jamfoods)

Tapa but make it Fancy™. Breakfast tapsilog will never feel the same way with Jam Foods & Co’s original award winning Angus Beef Tapa (P700) that oozes with flavor and quality beef belly goodness. Enjoy other premium Filipino dishes like Angus Salpicao (P795) and Calumpit Longganisa (P695) for that ultimate premium Filipino breakfast experience. 

Head over to their instagram for more premium dishes at @jamfoods

Guiltless Munchies (@guiltless.munchies)

Pigging out on snacks doesn’t have to feel burdensome. With a healthier alternative, you’ll find yourself munching all day long guilt-free. Guiltless Munchies offers Mushroom Chicharon (P160) that leaves you with satisfaction in every bite. Flavors available include Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, BBQ and Spicy Mushroom. 

Visit their instagram page to check out their products @guiltless.munchies

Missile Brew (@missilebrewph)

How do you like your coffee served in the morning? No worries, Missile Brew’s got every type of coffee drinker. They offer Sunny Manila Based Premium coffee that is freshly brewed everyday. It’s never too late to start your week with 7 different variations of their Milk Cold Brew. Spoiler alert: Tres Leches and Blondie Butterscotch are our personal favorites, and they might be yours too!

Wanna get your day going? Head on to their instagram page to order @missilebrewph

Luna’s Choice (@_lunaschoice)

You know what they say, all bad days are fixed with breakfast food. Enjoy staple breakfast dishes that may look simple but are extremely mood-boosters! Luna’s Choice is your new go-to marketplace with various kinds of seafood and meat.There’s no better way to start a day than with their juicy, crispy and perfectly seasoned bacon as well as their flavorful Chicken Longganisa and Pork Tocino. 

Check out their instagram page for a breakfast meal like no other @_lunaschoice

While we can’t go out yet to enjoy our much missed outside food, it’s time we support the local homemade products of our Filipino entrepreneurs. Besides, their products are irresistibly good and worth the purchase to begin with! 

Go on and take this as a sign to reward yourself with hearty homegrown products that feel like a warm embrace after a long week. Don’t forget to post your food experience and let your friends know of this tasty homemade goodness!