Angus beef has always been associated with premium steak that you indulge in a fancy restaurant with jazz music playing in the background. Would you believe it if I said you could switch up your local breakfast silog meal with something just as fancy? Starting your day off with a premium hearty meal is just the right key to put you in the best mood to seize the day. So go fry some egg (any way you like it!) and pop off your favorite jazz song because JAM Foods & Co. has got you covered for your fancy homemade breakfast. 

JAM is actually a family acronym that stands for Chef John (owner), Alfonso (his son), and Myka (his daughter)/Michelle (his wife). Due to the increasing attention on Angus Tapa in their restaurant, Chef John has decided to offer pre-packed dishes that you can cook at home and indulge with your family. Meals served at the table will never feel the same way when it comes to good food and good company. 

JAM Foods’ Original Angus Tapa

JAM Foods was not playing around when they created this life-changing dish. Have the best breakfast tapsilog experience with its extremely soft and tender meat that pulls apart easily as you dig in. The famous Original Angus Tapa includes a flavorful and bacon-like taste that is just the right mix of salty, sour and sweet. And have we mentioned how tender the meat is? (we know, mentioning it once doesn’t feel like it gives the Angus Tapa’s soft meat justice). Health-conscious tapa lovers can opt for JAM Foods’ Lean Angus Tapa for that classic bacon-like tapat taste, minus the fat!

JAM Foods’ Original Angus Tapa

Best part is that you can enjoy the Original Angus Tapa any way you like. Pair it up with some vinegar, scrambled eggs or eat it just as it is and you’ll be satisfied with your meal nonetheless. 

JAM Foods’ Spicy Angus Tapa

If you’d like to enjoy your breakfast tapa with a little more twist, then perhaps this Spicy Angus Tapa is for you! This may not be at par with spicy food junkies, for its spiciness just goes around your mouth. Even so, the Spicy Angus Tapa still does its job with its minimal spicy kick! It gets better because you can enjoy this spicy tapa to its full potential when you pair its chili oil with your rice. Talk about a weekend morning with some spice!

JAM Foods’ Beef Salpicao

As JAM Foods joined the Ultimate Taste Test 8 in 2012, they released their winning invention— Angus Beef Salpicao. These chunks of beef cube goodness offer a unique taste and soft meat with zero to minimal fat! Get in some guilt-free pigging out on your morning breakfast. 

JAM Foods’ Beef Pares

Lastly, JAM Foods’ Beef Pares— our personal favorite. Just let it simmer on your pan and viola! You can enjoy this packed dish hassle-free. It sets the right mood this upcoming rainy season with its flavor, warmth and of course, tender meat. We’re placing our bets that JAM Food’s Beef Pares might be your next go-to comfort food.

JAM Foods’ Frozen Goods

With breakfast being a communal practice within Filipino families, it’s just right that we spend it with the best food available and the best people in your household. Step up your almusal game with premium meat and fresh ingredients included in every pre-packed dish, all thanks to JAM Foods. 

Head on over to their instagram account (@jamfoods) and order you pre-packed angus beef dishes. Sigurado kaming ito ANGUSto mo!