Anyone with a sweet tooth would agree that anything that has sugar in it is surely the way to our heart. These sweet pick-me-up treats melt our worries away like it does in our mouth, connecting us to our inner child. Ever remember how much you anticipated having a bite on that freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or cake served on birthday tables? Any Filipino occasion surely wouldn’t miss having anything sweet to munch on on the table. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that drool-worthy pastries and drinks?

Oh, the things we would do just to feel a child’s excitement towards sweet pastries and beverages again! In the meantime, get your tables ready because we’ve compiled a list of Dabawenyo Brands that would release the inner child in you and satisfy your nostalgic sweet tooth. Listen up and take notes, pastry lovers! 

The Stationery Co Davao

Hear us out… It’s time to stop arguing between crispy and soft cookies, and it’s time to start talking about chunky cookies. Trust us when we tell you that The Stationery Co Davao cookies are generously filled with toppings and flavor thus creating an overall cookie goodness! They offer artisanal homebaked and handcrafted treats that are perfect to give as a gift or as a reward to yourself. Carefully curated just for you, this bakeshop allows you to mix and match your favorite cookie flavors in every cookie box you order! With just P190, you can enjoy a half dozen of their famous Original CCC, Triple CCC, and Cornflake Crunch.

Have we mentioned that they also have an Order for Your Rider campaign? Go spread some sweetness for our hardworking riders! Check them out at @thestationeryco.dvo

Home Bites Davao

Where are the adventurous coffee drinkers at? At Home Bites Davao, of course! They offer coffee blends and flavors beyond your imagination and we’re here for it! Kickstart your day with the right amount of caffeine, cinnamon, and kick. Fill your eyes with satisfaction at the sight of coffee and milk blending perfectly when you order their Long Black on the rocks with Sweet Cream! Home Bites Davao also offers bottled cafe lattes and Matchaspressos that you can store and enjoy any time you like.

Ready to have a taste of adventure and home? Check them out at @homebitesdavao

The Sixteenth

Working all day in front of your screen calls for some bite-sized sweetness. The Sixteenth’s homemade cookies give off the perfect comfort and warmth for every hustler, especially this rainy season! When they told us to enjoy the little things, they actually meant these mini cookies. Enjoy your own pack of mini cookies for only P100! Available flavors include: Chocolate Chunky, Funfetti, and (the crowd-favorite!) Mallows Chunky Cookies.

Work better and sweeter with The Sixteenth’s mini cookies. Visit their Instagram page to order at @the16th.homebakedgoods

Desserts Bar Davao

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if art, wit, and flour were mixed? These Desserts Bar cakes had our jaws dropping with how beautiful, funny, and irresistibly appetizing each cake is presented. These personally designed cakes taste just as good as it looks! Bring on every design for every occasion because Dessert Bar can definitely take on the challenge. They offer two-tier cakes, minimalist bento cakes, letter cakes, pull-out cupcakes, and more!

Go shoot them a message and get designing! Check out their Instagram page at @dessertsbar.

Truly, everything gets better after your first sip of coffee or first bite of pastry. So while we’re stuck at home, let’s support these local Davaoenos who are best at brewing and baking with love. Why reminisce about your childhood favorite sweets when you can taste them instead? These Dabawenyo brands are closer than ever because their products can be delivered right to your doorstep. 

Check out their Instagram accounts to order now to create a nostalgic experience at home you wouldn’t want to miss! Don’t forget to share it with your friends to let them know of this pastry and coffee goodness we’re loving.