Food has always been associated with the emotional bond we build with the people we share it with. Indulging in food with good company definitely improves our mood as we are not only surrounded with things to munch on but also with positive energy and emotions brought by the fellow foodies we are with. Remember, food shared is happiness multiplied!

The distance won’t stop us from rewarding ourselves for the big and small victories through food sharing. Go and order that pasta or wings platter you’ve been craving and share it with your family at home or celebrate your birthday through sending out food packs and having an online party! With a ton of ways to enjoy mouth-watering dishes, we’ve gathered 4 Delivery Food Brands around Manila with menu offerings that are good for sharing (and solo, we won’t mind!). Grab a pen and take notes for you might place an order anytime soon!

La Chica Vegan Delicatessen

Who says going vegan has to be boring and bland? La Chica Vegan Deli proves otherwise with their vegan, gluten-free, whole food and plant-based products that are still irresistibly delicious and rich in flavor. Their Vegan Calamari (P246) made of cassava and seaweeds is a must-try product and could be your next dish on a weekend! They also offer Veggie Patties, Chicken-Free Nuggets, Vegan Steak Cubes and more. Pig out on your favorite dishes guilt-free. 

Kickstart your vegan lifestyle by checking out their instagram page at @lachicavegandeli

Pastat Kasama Kita 

Rushing on a home gathering at the last minute? Worry no more because Pastat Kasama Kita includes pasta, entrées and desserts for any type of feast or occasion. Their wide selection of menu dishes range from savory to sweet and can be ordered as a Trio or Family Pan. Pastat Kasama Kita includes various flavors of pasta such as Chicken Alfredo, Spicy Tuna Carbonara, Baked Macaroni and Tuna Pesto but their Beef Lasagna is our ultimate favorite with its special red sauce, beef, cream and cheese that blends and melts perfectly. 

Moments with your loved ones are now made even more special with the comfort of good food served at the table. Place your orders through their Instagram page at @pastatkasamakita

Purple Yam Malate

And finally it’s time for dessert! In just 4 hours, you’ll get to enjoy classic ube-and-buko-filled pies and pastries. Their Buko pies include two stages of coconut, Malakanin and Malauhog, giving it a contrasting and one-of-a-kind texture once you bite into it. Missing the famous ube and taro from Benguet? Purple Yam Malate’s Ube Taro Pinipig Crumble includes local taro and ube from Benguet and pinipig toppings from Mindoro.

Purple Yam Malate’s pies and pastries every day for the ultimate comfort food experience. Place your orders through their instagram page at @purpleyammalate

Tub Desserts

Looking for that dessert you can finish with one seating? Tub Desserts Manila offers your most craved cakes in one tub. Their specialty, Banoffee Pie, includes crushed biscuits, ripe bananas, homemade dulce de leche, specialty, and semi-sweet chocolate that definitely makes it your next favorite dessert. Chocolate enthusiast? Their Cookie Tiramisu is layered with cookie base, fluffy espresso and special homemade cream filling. These feel-good desserts are good to enjoy for yourself and for sharing as you can enjoy it as solo tubs or a box of 5 tubs. 

Here’s your sign to give in to that guilty pleasure, check out their instagram page too order at @tub_desserts

As they always say, food brings people together. These affordable Manila brands bring food to you and your loved ones with their home delivery services. Invite a few company over, share some stories and order good food as you make memories for the books! 

Whether there may be an occasion or none, nothing beats a table filled with irresistibly delicious food and the loved ones close to your heart. Don’t forget to share with us your food sharing experience!