December is fast approaching, and that means Christmas is just right around the corner. Spending the holidays with friends and families brings memories like no other. However, preparing for the holidays can often be difficult as we all have new gift ideas to source and holiday meals to prepare with our loved ones.

Through 12 Flavors of Christmas, we have found a unique way to create the best holiday memories with your loved ones as we want you to celebrate the best time of the year in the best way possible! DOSE Bottled Cocktails is a local brand that serves a unique selection of drinks, from cocktails to mocktails.

DOSE Bottled Cocktails

DOSE Bottled Cocktails is a local brand that takes inspiration from ordinary drinks and puts a unique twist, making them irresistibly and uniquely suitable for the holiday season! Perfect to either gift to your loved ones or enjoy with some holiday company.


DOSE Bottled Cocktails offers a variety of drinks depending on which flavors you like best! Right off their drink list, each name truly catches the eye, from their Elderflower Red Sangria to their Hibiscus Rum. One can assure that each bottle delivers its own unique flavor notes and carries its own memories.

With the price range of Php 300 – Php 600, one can enjoy their holiday parties with the best company. If you can’t decide on which drink to try out first, don’t worry, as they have sets that offer multiple drinks in one pack for only Php 1,000 – Php 1,500. DOSE Bottled Cocktails also offer customization orders if you enjoy a specially-made drink for you and your loved ones. However, the price would vary depending on your order requests.

Overall, if you love to build memories through food and drinks, DOSE Bottled Cocktails will not disappoint you. Check them out on their Instagram at @drinkwithdose if you are interested in knowing more about them and the drinks they have this holiday season, or you can place an order from their website at