The holidays are incomplete without a good dessert to finish off our incredible, mouth-watering meals. As we all may want to try out different desserts to share with our friends and families, the thought of a holiday disaster in terms of food scares us into trying out various snacks and delicacies that could possibly be our next favorite.

Through the essence of 12 Flavors of Christmas, we introduce Got Milk?, a shop that will surely satisfy your sweet holiday cravings while, at the same time, that is perfect for you to share with your loved ones this coming Christmas.

Got Milk?

Instagram: @hey.gotmilk

Got Milk?, a local shop based in Pampanga, serves you all things sweet with their wide selection of desserts. With a total of two locations, both located in Pampanga being San Agustin and Telabastagan, one can enjoy their sweet treats daily from 10:00 AM up until 8:00 PM.

Instagram: @hey.gotmilk

With their diverse range of products, one would need to spend a quick minute figuring out which to try out first. Got Milk? has got you with your holiday desserts and sweets, from their signature milk teas to their numerous cake selections. For only PHP 75 – PHP 130, you can enjoy their original and signature milk teas wherein you have the option to adjust the sweetness level while at the same time being able to add more goods into your milk tea, whether it be a cream puff or choco bits!

With over twelve milk tea flavors to choose from, there are a few that definitely stand out from the crowd! In this case, one should definitely keep an eye out for their Mr. Bean Signature Milk Tea which consists of coffee and creme brulee. To top it all off, the prices range from just PHP 120 – PHP 130 each! Not only that, but they also offer a Classic Milk Tea for all those who prefer to go with originals for only PHP 75 – PHP 85. If you are looking for some holiday desserts, Got Milk? has got you as they also offer some cookies and cakes to share with your loved ones this holiday. With their 8 inch Basque Burnt Cheesecake to their Strawberry Almond Tres Leches, who can say no to such an on-theme holiday dessert.

Overall, if you can’t get enough of the holiday sweets, you should definitely check out Got Milk?, as they might have something in store for you that you haven’t tried before. If you are interested in knowing more about them and the products they offer this holiday season, give them a visit on their Instagram at @hey.gotmilk.