As Christmas is officially a few days away, we all can’t wait to spend our holiday vacations with our friends and families. Since not all of us can enjoy the luxury of traveling during this time of year, spending a day in a restaurant or cafe with our loved ones is made much more special nowadays.

Through the essence of 12 Flavors of Christmas, we introduce a local cafe that serves you everything you need to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Bad Cafe

Bad Cafe is a local shop located in Makati City, serving you everything that will surely satisfy your holiday cravings. From mouth-watering savory dishes to sweet yet balanced desserts, Bad Cafe has got you covered. With their diverse menu selection, one can enjoy their food, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Bad Cafe surely knows how to celebrate Christmas as they have numerous holiday-themed products for you to try out. With their gingerbread house being the most attention-grabbing snack on their menu, one can enjoy this aesthetically pleasing treat for themselves or gift them to their friends and families for only PHP 1,000. If you are one to get creative, they also offer a DIY version of this gingerbread house for only PHP 700, wherein you and your loved ones can spend the day decorating your dream cottage!

Bad Cafe also offers gingerbread cookies either per set or per piece for only PHP 35 – PHP 1,100, wherein one can be in their festive mood in no time with their adorable pastries. And of course, to go with these snacks, one must have their holiday-themed drink which would be their Premium Homemade Eggnog with prices ranging from PHP 200 – PHP 800. With this seasonal drink, one has the option to purchase it in a 250ml bottle or 1L bottle, with the additional choice whether they would like it to include rum or not. With the variety of options per dish, you can either have it all for yourself or choose to share these delicacies with your loved ones!

Overall, if you can’t get enough of the holiday treats and comfort meals, then Bad Cafe is a place for you to try out, especially during the holidays. If you are interested in knowing more about the dishes they have in store for you this holiday season, head over to their Instagram at @badcafeph or visit their website at