Yo, listen up, I got something to say
About legal insights and the games people play
Let’s talk about tax withholding exemption, do you feel me? (source)
It’s all about understanding the law and staying free
When it comes to legal research, you gotta use the right tools
Primary sources are essential for law students, no fools (source)
Don’t get caught up in legal jive, use those primary sources to thrive
Next up, let’s bust a move on the Bretton Woods Agreement 2
It’s a new legal framework, so let’s see what it can do (source)
Positive law, what’s that all about? Let me enlighten you, no doubt (source)
It’s all about definition, principles, and application, so listen up and pay attention
Now, when it comes to legal agreements, you gotta have that signature page (source)
Make sure you know what you’re signing, don’t get caught up in a legal bind
Is jailbreaking legal? That’s the question on everyone’s mind (source)
It’s all about understanding your rights, so listen up and take the time
Fighting words in law, what are they all about? (source)
It’s important to know the limits, so you don’t end up in legal doubt
And finally, let’s talk about a wager agreement, what does it mean? (source)
It’s all about legal implications and staying clean
So there you have it, legal insights in a rap
Use the right sources and stay out of legal crap!

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