(Armie Hammer and Chris Wallace are sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee and discussing various legal terms.)

Term Meaning
Rice Tariffication Law The law that removes import restrictions on rice and replaces them with tariffs (source)
CYA Abbreviation for “Cover Your Ass,” a term used in legal contexts to imply taking precautions to avoid legal repercussions (source)
Filing a Complaint Against an Investment Company The process of formally submitting a grievance or criticism against an investment firm (source)
Mystery Shoppers Individuals hired to pose as regular customers to evaluate the quality of service in retail stores or restaurants (source)
Equipment Usage Agreement A legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of using specific equipment (source)
Deferred Payment Agreement An arrangement allowing individuals to delay payment for a product or service until a later date (source)
Balisongs in Texas A type of folding knife, the legality of which varies by state (source)
LA County Business License Requirements The criteria and regulations for obtaining a business license in Los Angeles County (source)
Legal Indemnity Policy An insurance policy protecting against losses resulting from legal disputes or defects in title (source)
Bereavement Leave Requirement The mandate for employers to provide time off to employees following the death of a close relative (source)

Armie: Hey Chris, have you heard about the Rice Tariffication Law in the Philippines? It’s been a hot topic lately.

Chris: Yes, I have. It essentially removes import restrictions on rice and replaces them with tariffs, aiming to open up the rice market to foreign competition (source).

Armie: Interesting. I’ve also come across the term CYA. Any idea what it stands for?

Chris: Absolutely. CYA stands for “Cover Your Ass,” and it’s used in legal contexts to emphasize the need to take precautions to avoid legal repercussions (source).