Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop,
About the legal world, from bottom to top.
First up, let’s talk about fox hunting in Northern Ireland,
Is it legal? Is it banned? Let’s clear the air.

Next on the list, for all you legal pros,
The functions of the legal department,
It’s more than just suits and fancy clothes,
It’s the backbone of a company, everybody knows.

Now let’s switch gears, talk makeup and photos,
The agreement between artists and photographers,
It’s all about protecting your rights, no need to be a poser.

Moving right along, we’ve got a legal case,
Foss v Harbottle rule and its exceptions,
It’s a tricky one, not just any old race.

How does the supreme court decide a case?
The legal process is complex, but let’s embrace,
The inner workings of justice, it’s no simple chase.

Now for all you business folks, let’s talk structure,
LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship,
It’s more than just a word, it’s your legal capture.

Legal Knowledge Process Pvt. Ltd, that’s quite a name,
They’re experts in the field, they’ve got legal game,
Rah Legal Knowledge Process, they’ll put your mind at the same.

Time to trim those hedges, but wait, there’s rules,
Legal guidelines for trimming hedges, no need to be fools,
Follow the law, don’t act like you skipped school.

Last but not least, we’ve got drone laws in PA,
Everything you need to know to fly safely today,
Stay legal, stay informed, that’s the only way.