What’s a good meal without a refreshing drink? or a work date wthout coffee? Here are some local Filipino brands that sell your beverage of choice from coffee, booze, to juice!

Featured Brands


thecoldbrew.co is a Philippine coffee start-up that specializes in cold brew concentrates, sourcing premium coffee beans straight from Filipino farmers and roasters.

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Kape Imperial

We are proud to support local farmers.


Missile Brew

Missile Brew is a homegrown brand that offers cold brew coffee in 250ml bottles, locally sourced in the Philippines.


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Other Local Food Brands You Might Want to Try:

Natureal Juice

Always fresh, never artificial. 

Available through Shopee

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Quenching your thirst at the first sip until the last drop. Brewed with love using top line quality products to ensure our delicious beverages can give you a hundred percent satisfaction.


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Bald Vinny’s Cocktail Delivery

Let nothing come between you and a satisfying cocktail to celebrate the day.

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Based Off Tea

Authentic tasting milk tea brewed from tea leaves!


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The Kula Press

The Kula Press is a cafe offering press-to-bottle Coffee & Tea — freshly brewed for you daily, thirst-quenching to the last drop! They’re your favorite beverages at half the price, made with the most natural ingredients and of the highest quality.


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Kar-ə-baů Milk (Karabau Milk)

We started Kar-ə-baů Milk with the aim to support our local dairy farmers with their livelihood. With every liter of milk they produce, they earn their income by selling these to their local cooperative. Their cooperative processes these liters of milk and turn them into specialty dairy products which we now enjoy.


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The Blended Tea

Perfectly blended milk tea and fruit tea served in the most eco-friendly way. You can choose to step-up the game by trying our liquor blended versions or by mixing our healthy add ons such as Kanten pearls, Collagen jelly and Moringa powder.


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Lukal PH

we have created “Lukal” (Luya-Kalamansi) concentrate using the knowledge we learned from our major classes as BS Food Technology students. We reach out to our new heroes — the frontliners of different hospitals and institutions by providing them with a beverage that can modulate their immune system.


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The Bean Queen

The bean queen bring the pleasure of life with every sip


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DIY MLKT MNL is a Manila-based shop where we encourage people to personalize milktea according to their preference/cup of tea () in the comfort of their home.


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A’s Coffee

Premium coffee at your doorstep


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Smilky is a dessert shop that serves refreshing milky treats in a bottle. These are naturally made by fresh fruits and ingredients, pure milk with no added sugar and artificial flavors perfect for all ages.


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Nate Cha Milk Tea House

Authentic Taiwan Milktea


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Fun-aholic! Pre-Mixed Cocktails

Bottled pre-mixed cocktails at reasonable prices. Just chill, shake, pour, and enjoy — no fuss!


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Teaxology offers milktea kits that are affordable with authentic Taiwanese ingredients and can be shared with the whole family!


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CYO Milktea (Craft- Your- Own)

The folks at CYO believe in the delicious power of teamwork! We handpick the ingredients for you, while you awaken your inner barist from the comfort of your own kitchen!


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Sally’s Homemade Kakanin

Making classic and innovative Filipino rice cakes since 2005


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Tenthbread Bakery

We are a company dedicated to providing high quality bread and other food products to our clients through our commitment to sourcing fresh and premium ingredients.


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Appetito Bakes

Offering great-tasting goodies that will certainly delight your taste buds anytime of the day. Always fresh from the oven upon delivery. Home-made, and no preservatives added.


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Keane’s Bakehouse

Baked with the best ingredients and made with love. Fresh to you each day!


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Stout Coffee PH

Stout Coffee PH is an online cold brew bar that delivers fresh, delicious, and high-quality cold brew concentrates and ready-to-drink coffee brewed from 100% local coffee beans.


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Lick Iced Tea

Glass-Bottled Flavored Iced Tea made from green and black tea extracts and naturally sweetened with stevia, sugar, and real honey.


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Thirst Tea

Thirst Tea and Food on Stick, Inc. desires to be the toast of the town, as we captivate our customers with our wide selection of thirst-quenching milk, tea, and juice products


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