About Us

Locally Filipino

Est. in 2020

Flavored is a local Filipino food blog that features local brands and businesses across the country.

During the start of the pandemic, most people rekindled their personal connection with food through cooking, (and for some, eventually selling) which led us to notice how much potential small local Filipino businesses have— with a little bit of push. 

We began our journey as an e-commerce website, selling different local food brands from wine, frozen foods, to even bottled adobo (yes, we’ve got it all) and eventually transitioning to a food blog to make room for the growing food community here in the Philippines.


Our Brands

Guiltless Munchies, a Flavored homegrown brand features a line of mushroom chicharon in different flavors from plain and salted, sour cream, cheese, and spicy. Snacking never tasted this good (and healthy!).  All our ingredients are true and locally-sourced.

Are you a local foodie, business owner, or someone who just really loves food?

We are looking for you!

Share with us a recipe, your food business, or anything food related and let’s get it flavored! 


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