Now assuming you’re of legal age, the world of what to drink is your oyster. It seems as if there’s something to sip on every occasion. Working late at night? Coffee. Hanging out with friends? Milktea. Netflix and Chill? Alcohol. While those are the conventions, it wouldn’t hurt to switch it up a bit. Today, Flavored’s breaking down your options for what to drink today — with a couple of recommendations on where to buy these drinks, of course. (


Photo of cold brew coffee sold at Flavored PH website

How do you like your coffee? Whether you like them black or white, there are some great ones that are bottled up and ready to be brought to your doorstep. Flavored brand sells cold brew coffee that’s great for black coffee lovers, while Stout Coffee sells uniquely milky flavors such as their White Mocha Cold Brew.

While we normally use coffee as a pick-me-up, it can be enjoyed as a treat as well! Consider pairing our suggestions with some of our baked goods.

Milk tea

This quarantine has led to the rise of do-it-yourself milk tea, and that’s amazing! Even if it doesn’t taste like your from-the-mall milk tea, there’s something exciting about making something from the confines of your own home. Our website offers several flavored milk tea kits, and this one even comes with ready-to-fry churros. Sounds good, right?


This category is a good one, but never forget to drink responsibly! You can split it into two general drinking experiences. The first is more casual, the kind you’d have game nights and pulutan for. A good option for this is beer, which is sometimes crafted locally in the Philippines (like with this Flavored brand). 

The other general drinking experience is a bit more bougie. Wines and spirits are the norms in dinner parties and night outs. Serve it chilled or as is during your next intimate family gathering!

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