It’s National Doughnut Day! That’s true, it exists which only means this is the perfect occasion to give attention and pay respect to the sweet underrated treats. Or are they? Either way, it’s no doubt people go nuts when there’s discounts and promos so our obsession shows after all. Here’s our essential guide to the classic donuts in Metro Manila

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There’s definitely a ton of brands, stalls and cafe’s that serves a myriad of various tasting donuts but in the face of so many choices, which do you pick?  Here are seven (budget-friendly) donut essentials which made it to the top tier to help you celebrate this day. If you haven’t had any of these, which rock are you living in? Go forth and jump in the bandwagon!

Dunkin’s Choco Butternut

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Everybody knows her, Dunkin’s Choco Butternut really outdid itself and placed a special place in our hearts. Always will be a classic and staple snack. We all grew up with Dunkin’s didn’t we? The munchkins saved our lives and on National Donut Day we must look back to our childhoods.

Lil’ Orbits Mini Donuts

Now this one, you’ve probably seen in an Instagram story… People are hyping up Lil’ Orbits Mini Donuts which you’ll see how it’s fried from its little kiosks. The aroma is so convincing and truly, they’re actually soft and tasty. You can pick from different coatings to add flavor so should be good!

Cello’s Cheese Coated Donut

Another OG in the group is Cello’s Cheese Coated Donut! I know you’re probably hesitant with its flavor but it sure does tastes so satisfying not to mention the delights are perfectly served when warm. You might find it a little bit odd at first but boy would its cheesiness persuade you otherwise.
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Country Style Éclair Likes

Calling all serial chocolate lovers! Country Style’s chocolate eclair likes donut is absolutely worth a visit, especially in the morning this drizzling season. It is filled, beautifully fresh and perfectly baked. This is extremely underrated for a very affordable donut. Please go in line, you’re welcome.

Krispy Kreme & Matcha

Why is everyone still obsessed with matcha? That’s right it might have peaked a few years ago but green tea season lives on! If you have a sweet spot for that, you must get your hands on these heavenly matcha donuts from Krispy Kreme. This flavor comes and go, don’t miss out!

J.Co’s Overrated Dozens

When it comes to donut promo wars, J.Co takes center stage! People really line up early for these different, deliciously flavored dozens. There’s no better way to celebrate this day sharing with your fam, friends, and colleagues. Snatch that box and munch on these treats. What’s diet anyway?

Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs

If you like something different, well Beard Papa’s have landed here and serves the original vanilla cream puffs which are a crowd’s favorite. They are perfectly light, fluffy and not overly sweet. It’s their bestseller (though comes in different flavors) so we highly recommend you try this one!

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