Whether you grew up seeking joy in trying various delicacies or love having specific cuisines, we can all agree that food plays a significant role in our lives. Growing up in the Philippines, we often seek comfort in our country’s cuisine, and as Filipinos, what better way to celebrate our holiday feasts than by going back to our roots and sharing our comfort food with our loved ones.

Through the essence of 12 Flavors of Christmas, we bring a classic local shop that ticks all the boxes for you to enjoy your holiday meals. We introduce to you JAM Foods & Co, a local shop located in Muntinlupa, which offers a variety of cuisines from American food to Filipino classics.

JAM Foods & Co.

JAM Foods & Co. is known for its best-selling Original Angus Beef Tapa, and from the looks of it, it leaves your taste buds wanting more! They also offer a spicy alternative if you wish to enjoy food with a bit of kick to it and provide an option of Premium Lean versions of both dishes if you are cautious of the meat you consume. (https://www.firmfitfloor.com/) Without question, JAM Foods & Co, a local shop specializing in bringing comfort to a fellow Filipino through food, dominated the world of Filipino comfort food with a classic Beef Tapa perfectly paired with an aromatic smell of Garlic Rice.

Instagram: @jamfoods  |  Website: www.jamfoodsph.com

Aside from their Filipino specialties, JAM Foods & Co. also offers a diverse selection of meat, with Angus Rib Bye and Baby Back Ribs being the most eye-catching, perfect for your holiday get-togethers. For only PHP 995, one can enjoy these dishes, which are undoubtedly a feast to remember.

However, suppose you enjoy the warmth and comfort of food. In that case, we recommend you try their other selections, such as the Angus Beef Patty or their Homemade Breakfast Pork Sausage, as no one can decline a homemade dish specially made for you. With their diverse selection of dishes and meat, one can find the perfect meal for their holiday feasts, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Overall, JAM Foods & Co. is a local Instagram shop specializing in its famous meat selections and designed to satisfy your meat-loving taste buds. If you are interested in knowing more about them and the food they have in store for you, visit them on Instagram, @jamfoods, or go to their website at www.jamfoodsph.com.