Though there are a huge number of people loving and breathing in coffee, individually, the way we like our coffee varies. Some would prefer them black while others opt for a milkier one and that’s completely okay. At the end of the day, coffee is still coffee regardless of its shade. Luckily, we found a brand that offers a wide variety of colors and flavors to its coffee that would fit the taste of every type of coffee-drinker. 

Missile Brew was founded by two university graduates who aspired to pursue an online business in spite of the risks brought by the pandemic. The founders, Miguel Clutario and Hanna Kaw built Missile Brew with the vision of providing a cafe experience in the comfort of everyone’s home through sustainably-sourced single-origin coffee and blends. Missile Brew now provides coffee all around Metro Manila, with 9 flavours that include vegan and non-dairy alternatives. 

Warning: Do not be deceived. Even with adventurous flavors to each bottle (as you can see in every bottle’s name), the taste of coffee remains rich and strong. Don’t worry, you’d still be getting that powerful coffee kick to get your morning going. This one’s for you, strong coffee drinkers! 

If you’re up for a refreshing mood-maker, then this smooth and chocolatey drink is for you. The perfect balance between the velvety cacao and cold brew is definitely THE drink that would put you in your favorite self each morning. If your favorite hot chocolate and cup of morning coffee had a collaboration, Mocha Madness would surely be the product. 

In the spectrum of Missile Brew’s rich coffee taste and flavour blend, Blondie Butterscotch would be placed at the far left side where coffee overpowers the beverage more. We know it’s hard to believe considering the name it’s given, but trust us, you’d be feeling the coffee kick right at the first sip. Blondie Butterscotch is a must-try beverage for coffee lovers who want a stronger coffee with a hint of flavor. 

Tres Leches would be the result of every Missile Brew ingredient in moderation. It has the perfect blend of both the flavour and coffee, giving it a flavor that is not too sweet and a coffee kick not too strong. Tres Leches is the perfect drink for coffee enthusiasts who want their coffee on the sweeter side while still craving for the richness of their coffee. (Spoiler alert: Tres Leches is our personal favorite!)

Whether it’s a peaceful morning or a busy afternoon, Missile Brew is ultimately the best companion that will put you in the right mood (and may aggressively motivate you to seize the day with its strong coffee kick!) for every time of the day. As what each bottle says: One sip and you’re ready for take-off!

Need we say more? Visit their instagram page (@missilebrewph) to order. Missile Brew is THE one-stop coffee shop you don’t wanna miss!