The holiday season is one of the busiest and most eventful times of the year in the best way possible. Families spend time with one another and prepare the most delicious meals. Food has always been there to provide us a sense of comfort through our best and worst moments in life. This season is significantly busier for the food industry as most of us often look for tokens to give to our loved ones or new delicacies to serve on our dining table.

During these uncertain times, small food businesses have been heavily impacted and seek various ways to get through this challenging chapter, and 12 Flavors of Christmas aims to provide these small businesses the exposure and recognition they so heavily deserve. The purpose is to feature various small local businesses across different areas of the Philippines to celebrate our love for food this Christmas. We have found a way to celebrate our holiday feasts with no regrets through Guiltless Munchies Mushroom Chicharon.

Guiltless Munchies Mushroom Chicharon


Instagram: @guiltless.munchies Guiltless Munchies Mushroom Chicharon is a snack like no other. Every bite delivers satisfaction with oyster mushroom, flour, salt, and secret spices as its only ingredients. Since Guiltless Munchies’ main ingredient is mushrooms, people on plant-based diets can still enjoy this addictive snack.






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Guiltless Munchies Mushroom Chicharon comes in several flavors: Original, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Spicy, and Cheese. With all these options, one may have a difficult time choosing their favorite as it all gives different flavor notes no other brand can offer. For only PHP 160, you can enjoy your new late-night bites, getaway snacks, or even starter meals, perfect for the holiday season.

As most of us can relate, food is the way into a woman’s heart. Whether enjoying our most loved meals or drowning ourselves in sorrow, our relationship with food has always been powerful.

Celebrating our holiday feasts with our loved ones guiltless of any junk we have consumed brings us to a different level of happiness. With Guiltless Munchies Mushroom Chicharon, you will not only enjoy snacks free from regret, but you will also be supporting our local food businesses during the holidays.

If you are interested in knowing more about their business, you can visit them through their Instagram, @guiltless.munchies, shop their products through our website, or purchase through Lazada.